Reformation 500: Sola Fide, The Apostle Paul and Romans 3

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I hope that the previous articles (here and here)have been able to show beyond any doubt, what these councils, catechisms, and confessions teach concerning justification and the many differences between the Roman Catholic and the Historic Protestant views. We now turn to what the Apostle Paul has to say on the matter. I will defend these two things: 1) that Paul teaches justification by faith alone apart from works, and 2) that Paul teaches that in justification Christ’s righteousness is imputed to us. In order to do this I will deal with three texts, Romans 3:19-4:12, Romans 5:15-19, and 2 Corinthians 5:17-21[1]. Continue reading “Reformation 500: Sola Fide, The Apostle Paul and Romans 3”